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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

July 2015

Skittles is so silly with her beloved rubber chicken! Here she is playing with it on July 1st.

On the evening of the 2nd I was looking for the kids and found them on the back patio. Faith was practicing her color guard flag moves, and Buddy? He was bench pressing the basketball hoop, of course.

The 3rd was my birthday and a sweet lady from work (who makes a habit of gifting eye candy to coworkers) posted this yummy picture on our JetBlue work trade Facebook page for me!

I had a wonderful day, just hanging out with my family :) We went to both Sam's Club AND Costco! And we ate dinner at Jade Buffet. Faith, Christian and I even tried the baby octopus.

Bud was begging for a sweat band, so we splurged and spent the 89 cents to get him one. Now he's livin' the dream and looking "cool."

He had picked out a snazzy laser pointer at the dollar store (again, we're big spenders) and figured out how to see the beam using our humidifier and my makeup's mirror. Science!!

We did a few parachute guy fireworks while it was light out,

then on to Savage's house for their annual Cul de Sac of Fire.

It was an awesome display! Since nearly every family brought one or two nice, aerial fireworks, it was probably about $1000 worth of incendiary entertainment.

On the 4th we got out early and took Faith to be in the Kaysville parade. It was hot and crowded, but worth it to see my cutie twirling her flag!

Tammy and my mom and dad came to see her. I had waited with my friends Darcy and Jenn two nights before to get a spot on the lawn (you couldn't leave blankets out until July 3, but people play them out and sit on them starting around 8 PM July 2 and then can leave at midnight) but with all the people in front, we had to watch from the street.

Afterward there is a giant water fight where firetrucks spray the crowd, but Faith was so hot and tired that she and Christian just scored each other a little bit and we left for home!

For the Braegger family Independence Day party I, of course brought Snickers salad, but to mix things up I also brought sugar-free layered Jell-O squares. I thought thought they turned out pretty cool.

The kids all had a great time playing together and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

We just did a few fireworks because it was so windy, but Christian got to like them so he was a happy camper!

The morning of July 6th Faith and I left with Lana and Tammy for Cedar city and the Utah Shakespeare Festival!

When we got there it was a bit rainy. We got to see behind the scenes well they changed out the scenery from one show to another in the indoor theater and hear from the prop manager in our "repertory magic" program.

We went to dinner at Chili's and were very pleased that the weather cleared up and we were able to see Taming of the Shrew in the outdoor Adams theater. This will be our last time there because The new theater will be done for next year. We are excited for the new features, but sad because this theater is so awesome. Is one of the closest replicas in the world to Shakespeare's original Globe Theatre.
My favorite Festival actor Brian Vaughn starred as Petruchio and his real-life wife Melissa Pfundstein as Katherine. I loved how they emphasized the love story in this play!

The next day, we drove to Parowan Gap to see the petroglyphs. On the way, we spotted both deer and antelope!

It was really neat to see!

We were surprised that Lana, who had grown up in Parowan , had only been to the gap once and didn't remember the petroglyphs! She only remembers that it was hot and on the trail (there wasn't a nice road and sidewalks then) was scared by a snake.

Not too far from there are some dinosaur tracks that we checked out, as well.

Faith hiked a ways up here through the rocks.

We went to a matinee of a play called Charlie's Aunt which had a lot of physical comedy. 

Afterward there was, of course shopping at Bulloch Drug

and the Gift Shop.

I didn't purchase this, but figured Tony would appreciate the sentiment :)

That night we ate at the Pastry Pub, went to the Green Show, and then a production of South Pacific.

On the 8th we fit in another chocolate Coke,
then saw a matinee of Amadeus. David Ivers was amazing! After that we had to head home. We all agreed that three days for Shakespeare trip is just too short.
On July 10th Tammy took the kids to the aquarium where they also saw a 3D movie. Here's the text & pictures that I received:

7/11 was, of course, free Slurpee day so we took advantage of that!
  Unfortunately Faith wasn't feeling well enough to join us. She still has too many days where her stomach bothers her and she has a headache :(

On the 12th Christian made a man out of toothpicks and marshmallows (?) after church.

That evening was Evie's second birthday luau party at Joy and Jordon's house.

On the 13th, Tam took the kids to the zoo.

They love their summer outings with aunt Tammy!

Don't fall over from shock, but I've actually been doing some running! Not a lot, but on days when I don't have Riot, this is the exercise I sometimes choose. On the 16th it was the most gorgeous day and a lot of the fields I run past had just had the hay mown so it smelled heavenly!

I track my runs on my phone and was proud that I earned this award!