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Friday, February 5, 2016

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Friday, December 18, 2015

August 2015

August 1 was Chelsea's bridal shower at the union Grill in Ogden. Faith didn't make it because of not feeling well, but it was very nice.

Luckily she started feeling better and we went to the new mission impossible movie that night.

On the 2nd, Christian decided to bake and frost a cake and sing happy birthday to "anyone" ��

The next day he funneled his crazy into dressing up.

I saw this online and it reminded me of how Tony feels:

Figured I would add a "real life" pic, so here are the kids on August 8th playing on their electronic devices.

The 10th was Bud's first day of school-3rd grade for this guy.

Taking the arts down off the art crawl, here is the card Christian made Tony for Father's Day.

This character is from the movie Big Hero 6. Christian did such a great job on him!

Faith drew this Donald. Amazing!

Faith made the gorgeous sunset picture as a school assignment,

 and Christian wanted to duplicate the technique :)

Some watercolors of dogs: the top when his buddies and the bottom one, Faith's.

For our anniversary on August15th, I posted some wedding album photos on Facebook. 

On the 19th but wanted to make sure I got a picture of this giant bubble.

Here are some funny memes that I have enjoyed lately.

August 21st we took the family to Texas roadhouse. Christian sure loves throwing peanut shells on the floor!

The 24th was Faith's first day of school-8th grade.

On the 28th the kids drug the cotton candy machine up from the basement.

The next day, Christian had a soccer game

and for some reason, the kids celebrated by eating popcorn chicken from Walmart

Because it was his birthday week soon, Christian got to be the happy camper in his school class. I thought his answers the questions were so cute!

That afternoon was Havenwood days – – a neighborhood party mostly sponsored by people who live on Havenwood Street. Christian was not happy about me suggesting that he ride in the bike parade,

but loved all the other activities there!

August 30th was Brendan's missionary farewell. Sarah was not super thrilled that the bishop asked the stake president for special consideration to have her speak that day as well, but she did a great job. We sure loved Brendands talk and especially all he expressed about being socially awkward and therefore reading his talk from the paper without looking up :)

Sarah had sent out a lot of his artwork in her from the living room and I can't believe how talented he is!

He's been called to the Marshall Islands mission, which was a bit surprising seeing as he put on his mission papers under medical problems "I'm a ginger and sunburn easily." ��

Sarah had a brunch at her house afterward. I brought lots of crepes and toppings including powdered sugar, strawberries, Nutella, bananas & cream cheese filling.

When we got home, Christian finish decorating his birthday cake.

He'd made the fondant dinosaurs the day before. It turned out so cool!

We had a few minutes to pick the garden, then headed to Braegger's.

On the way, the weight of the dinosaurs caved in part of the bottom cake! We just pretended it was like the dinosaurs were escaping from Jurassic Park.

Tammy outdid herself on this balloon! She also had bracelets, gift bags (with trail mix, Jurassic World fruit snacks and candy in them), and little bags of milk duds which were labeled "fossilized dinosaur poop"!

He asked for money and that's what he received! He also got a Jurassic Park t-shirt and one which was too small for Tammy exchanged for the DVD of the movie.

It was an awesome birthday party!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

October 2015

Right on Christians birthday, October 1st, we got to pick up his glasses! He had mentioned a few weeks before that it was hard for him to see printed words because they were so small. When I took him in, the assistant had the machine check his eyes to get an estimation of his prescription and it said something like -2.45!! I was blown away that he is so far sighted. I didn't even know to look for that since kids who need glasses tend, like Tony & I were, to be nearsighted. I even sprung for the cool lenses that turn dark automatically in the sunlight.

Here is Christian's snail on the 7th. Such a crazy thing! Christian found it several weeks before and it was just a shell with a dried-up, dead snail inside. He missed it with water to see if it would come back to life, but it didn't so he just kept the shell. Then, all of a sudden it was alive again! Really freaky.

October 10th was my work party celebrating 15 years of JetBlue. I had never been to a JetBlue party before because they had not sounded very neat and they were all in Salt Lake. For this one, it was kind of weird because they gave everyone three tickets (one had to be the employee) and if you wanted more, you had to pay $30 a piece!

I didn't really want to go, but knew the kids would love it. I just wished it could've been Tony to take them! Anyway, it was at Boondock's in Kaysville  and they even had more fun stuff set up in the grass:
The kids were so funny on this hamster ball race!

We also bowled,

played the arcade,

kids did laser tag,

and all drove the go-karts.

For dessert we got to have a waffle from the waffle love truck!!

I even won a prize – – this nice jacket ��
  As much as I dislike boondocks, the party turned out to be very fun and I'm so glad that we went!

Christian had been asking for a birthday party for a few years and didn't think it was fair that Faith had had several in her life and he had never had one. So I decided to let him when he asked for a Ghostbusters party! On October 14th Faith finished making him this cool Slimer toss game,

and we put up our other decorations. Buddy specifically asked for a sign like this, which he had seen on Pinterest ��

Kids started arriving a few minutes before 7pm. We had the green laser lights on the house and put a ghost buster sign on the front door.

The kids who came were: Rudy Jensen, Cohen Monsen, Damon Eagan, Ethan Stout, Burklie, Ellie F, Sam Romer, Parker Anderson, Ayden, & Dane Williams.

We started with Ghostbusters bingo, then they threw pieces of candy into Slimer's mouth.

Next, they went outside with a can of silly string to use like proton packs against a big Stay Puft marshmallow man that Christian and I made out of balloons and trash bags. This was the hit of the night!

After that, they came in to eat. At the buffet was green slime punch, slime mini cupcakes with Ghostbuster's logo, slime popcorn balls, white chocolate ghost strawberries, green ghost Jello jigglers, pizza rolls (because the movie is set in New York), and miniature wieners (because Slimer eats a huge mouth full of hot dogs in one of the movies).

Next, we played shake your "boo-tee" with bouncy balls in tissue boxes around the kids waists. It was like a Minute to Win it game.
While waiting their turn, the kids made Stay Puft men out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Here's my example:
Cohen made a great one!

After that, they made marshmallow shooters out of cups, balloons, and mini marshmallows. They shot at a tower of ghosts drawn on to Styrofoam cups.

Lastly, Faith tried to lead them in a few games of mafia, but it was crazy and the kids kept peeking. 

At the same time, I was mixing the slime and putting it in little bags with Slimer labels which read "ectoplasm". We were going to do this as a craft, but ran out of time so I just sent it home as a favor.
It was insane to host a group of eleven 8-9 year old kids and the nine boys were screaming the entire 2 1/2 hours! Also, there was punch spilled on everything and marshmallows ground into the floor which will take me quite awhile to remove. But at least Christian finally got a party and I think it turned out pretty well!

On the 15th Bud & his sister played with the leftover silly string and slime ��

We've been loving our new Smith's marketplace in Kaysville and Christian found this crazy old guy mask there on the 18th.

October 23rd was Joy and Jordon's Halloween party. As usual, we went overboard on the creepy themed treats! We brought these healthy celery and peanut butter witches' fingers,

a cauldron of Jell-O witches potion (leftover edges from the ghosts I cookie-cuttered out for Christian's party)

bats made of Black grapes and blue corn chips set upon cheese cubes,

Christian made these great mommy's out of Pepperidge Farm cookies and melted white chocolate,

and pumpkin spice Rice Krispy treats.

Christian was a ghost buster. We got the costume off KSL classifieds from someone in Kaysville up by Main Street. The little boy who had worn it last year had made the cool trap out of a cardboard box. Faith didn't know what to dress up as and was thinking about being a panda, but when she started her make up she thought it looked like a mime's face, so she went that way instead. I got to be the panda!
I think it's funny that my phone's voice recognition usually Types Faith's name as "Fate", but on this text it put "Fake" and gave the option of "Freak"!! LOL!
On the 24th Christian got to go on a hike on antelope Island with the Cub Scouts.

On the 25th my mom had Halloween games at her house. I won money in the kids won fun prizes!

October 26th I finally made it to our new Kaysville library. It's really big and cool!

It was open house today at the SportsPlex and we got in for free. Christian wanted to try all the activities.
Loved this meme from Facebook:

The 28th was crazy hair day at the junior high and she asked me to copy the style she found on Pinterest:
More cute than crazy, but it WAS crazy how long it took!
Later that day Christian went to the doctor for his well-child check.

He ended up having to get a flu shot since they were out of the FluMist, so I made it all better by buying him cheap Chinese takeout lunch!

Apparently he was still disturbed and decided to do a bit of make up/dress up that afternoon. He found out that the reason you don't use regular acrylic craft paint on your face is that it's hard to wash off!
The 30th was our board soup dinner and trunk-or-treat. This time faith decided to be a broken doll. I love this amazing make up!

After the party, we stopped by the roadside stand where we always get our jack-o'-lantern pumpkins. It was nice and cold for us!

I love this picture of them carving because it includes the body part of Buddy that we see 90% of the time ������ 
I always tell him that he should wear suspenders or else get butt implants to keep his pants up!

Here is a picture of Joy's family from Facebook since I didn't get pictures of them at their party. Such a cute vampire family!
On Halloween day, we finally made it to Frightmares. This year Faith didn't feel well a lot of the days we were going to try to make it :(

Faith and I went to a hunted house, but Christian said he didn't feel like going to one or writing any of the scary rides. We did do the train.

That night we went to Braegger's for chili and treats. The kids had a fun time being crazy for our photo shoot:

Next trick-or-treated at mom & dad's,

then home to do our neighborhood. Fun!